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This video,, can also be seen at and families in particular aren’t going to be missing out on the vast acreage and double black diamond runs of the mega-resorts. For these following eight pint-sized ski hills, less can.A Comprehensive "How To" Guide with lots of useful Tips, Videos and Tricks for Snowboarding Beginners – Learn how to balance, turn, curve, swerve and ride like a pro. We explain everything you need to know to have the best snowboarding experience on the ski slopes view the guide for more.If you want to progress on your snowboard, turning correctly is one of the most essential skills to learn – This tutorial breaks down the important body movements of how to turn on a snowboard. 5 Steps To Turn like A Pro On A Snowboard To turn on a snowboard, you need to think about the following: your head, shoulders,A 13 m radius ski "wants" to make tighter turns, while a 32 m radius ski "wants" to make much longer turns. It’s still up to you to manage your skiing and vary the radius of the turns, but you probably want to find out what your current ski’s radius is, then ask yourself if you want a ski that prefers a tighter turn or a naturally wider turn.5. When you do your first turns on the hill, overemphasize the push on your heels and toes + body rotation. When trying to do their first turns, most beginners will give a timid lean and then "wait" for something to happen. Inevitably this throws them off balance because their boards aren’t initiating the turn in accordance with the lean.Sharpen Your Board Skills – intermediate snowboarding tips. If you’ve cracked the basics of snowboarding and you’re ready to step things up a notch, our comprehensive list of snowboarding tips for intermediates could be just the thing you’re looking for, to help you brush up on your technique.Ski bum – Someone totally dedicated to skiing (or snowboarding) who arranges their life around powder days. ski bunny – A female skier, sometimes one who is more concerned with her fashion than her turns. Ski goggles – Special eye protection worn by skier and snowboarders, usually with tinted lenses and anti-fog features.