the latest trend in corporate video is a real drama

This video,, can also be seen at Corporate Video Trends For 2019 That Will improve workplace productivity 1. Using Video To Scale Corporate Training. With on-demand video, businesses can make a training that is typically only offered to a small group of employees once or twice a year available to the entire organization at any time.Access our video library and subscribe to our social media channels to keep abreast of the latest updates on AmanahRaya.Audiences can pick and choose what to watch and when to watch it, so corporate videos can’t be stuffy. Produce creative marketing videos where you talk about your brand as a company without being boring or overly professional. In "Our Blades are F***ing Great," dollar shave club nails the corporate video with humor that borders on the absurd.The inclusion of Nate Parker's new film “American Skin” at the venice film festival will test whether he can, or even should, make a comeback. By Gene.. Lisa Joy are taking on technology in a new drama 'The Peripheral', and Joy co-created based on the 1973 film, and executive produce,Instead of a traditional "talking heads" corporate video, could a corporate drama be the best way for your company to get your message across to your audience? Especially popular for internal.The vintage trend is back with a bang. Its presence can be felt everywhere, especially in the fashion circuit, interior design industry and in various media platforms, including broadcast and digital; taking us back to a foregone era. The term "vintage" used in this context refers to products or themes dating.The worst b2b videos are fake and try-hard; the best are real. 7. It reinforces the business brand. Like all good pieces of content, B2B video also needs to support your brand. Tone of voice, visuals and values should all make it immediately obvious who’s behind the video. 9 Impressive, Invigorating and Inspirational Examples of B2B Videos 1.Healthy Films is a full-service production company who specialise in creating film, video & photography content related to the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries. Whether you want to develop a full-scale commercial, piece of branded content, or require a series of interviews or testimonials filmed, we have you covered.